Iced Coffee Heaven

Guess what I have in the refrigerator right at this very moment?


My first batch of cold brew coffee of 2013!

Heaven in a Kerr jar (because I don’t have a Mason jar that big…)

To say I’m not excited would be a pretty big understatement. It’s been awhile since we’ve had cold brew and I could really use a fix. If you’ve never made cold brew, or just want to know how I make mine, I first posted about it here and here.

But what have I been drinking in the meantime? Well, mostly the hot stuff. However, my mom came across a recipe for Greek Iced Coffee. It’s perfect for when you want a quick fix without waiting for cold brew to be ready.

I tend to use Ovaltine rather than sugar in mine. But it’s good either way.

It’s actually kinda funny because when I’m at home I put some sort of chocolate something in my iced coffee. But when I go to somewhere like Starbucks I only get nonfat milk in my iced coffee. Sometimes I put a package of sugar in the raw in my coffee. But I typically drink it plain while out and about.

Another great thing about the Greek Iced Coffee is that in theory you could throw everything into your bottle and shake it up as you’re walking out the door. I’ve taken it with me more than once when I’ve had early morning shifts at work.

But as good as the quick stuff is, it won’t replace my cold brew coffee.

I’ll try to be patient while I wait.



I like you more than…

Earlier this year me and my friends giggled over this quote we found on Pinterest.

It’s adorable and it fits my best friend, Eden, and her husband perfectly. In fact, she pinned it to her wedding board when we were plotting and scheming her nuptials earlier this year.

However, today, I found one that I love and fits me just right. Because, while I love pizza, there is nothing I love more than…

I laughed out loud when I saw it, and shared it with my mom.

She said one Christmas her mom gave her some socks that had elephants on them that said, “I love you more than peanuts.”

I guess it’s a family thing.



Pinterest on the Fly

Between school and my social life and starting a new job I don’t find much time for anything.

Except for pinterest.

This is probably not a good thing.

I actually stepped away from pinterest for a few weeks. But baby I am back with a vengeance.

So, because my life is random and my pinterest reflects that, here are the last few pins that I’ve repinned on pinterest.  There is no order, nope, none at all. Just in the order from most recent pin and on downwards until I get tired of linking pins. As always, click on the image to take you to the original pin with all the good stuff.

It’s another cardigan/skirt/blouse outfit! Love it!
I like this for a journal or something of that nature.
I love Du….Squirrel!… g.
Love Monsters Inc. Love Pixar. Love this quote. Even if the “Keep Calm” trend is getting to be a little much…
The Alot is better than you at everything! I’ve knit two and a half of these now. So much fun!
I can’t believe how time flies. I do this all the time!
Saw this quote and really enjoyed it!
Basically. Yes. This.
Reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Loved Dr. Seuss.
Beautiful scripture. Love the song too.
Me and a friend basically would say this to each other whenever we saw each other. We’re strange birds.

I’m with Grandma…


Okay. That’s all for now.

Happy Monday!