What to say

What to say

It hasn’t been a quiet silence for me. The air feels charged with words.

A million little atoms knocking and colliding into each other. The air is ecstatic with potential.

But I can’t seem to catch a single word.

They all lie just beyond my reach, like Tantalus’ forbidden water.

My biggest question…

what’s relevant?

What can I say that will be true to where I’m at these days?

I don’t want to waste people’s time with mindless drivel about myself. Which is what I feel like I would be writing lately. Because the things I really feel like I could say are behind a thick cinder block wall.

I need a little stimulus. Something to wake me up. But I’m not sure what that is anymore.

You don’t become a better writer by sitting there wishing and hoping that you become a better writer. You have to work for it.

Maybe I’m just lazy.

How hard am I willing to work for this? How badly do I want it?

Perhaps those words aren’t as far out of reach as I think they are. Maybe I’m just not jumping high enough.

Or maybe I’m too afraid of them.

Will they sting once I have them in hand?


A Quick Saturday Summary

So, let’s summarize this week, yes?

The results are in!

It is evenly divided.

My car is both boy and girl… oh and one person voted “Chuck Norris”

Maybe I’ll just call her Mrs. Nesbit,

because nothing is funnier than Buzz Lightyear dressed in drag…

I finished up my Poetry Writing class.

Thursday we turned in our portfolios and handed out chapbooks.

We also gorged ourselves on food and watched a little bit of “Howl” (wouldn’t suggest watching that one with the kiddos, just sayin’)

In the current of new things that seems to be running through my life right now,

I also got glasses, of all things!

Turns out whenever I’ve looked out the kitchen window to look at my roses, the reason why they’re blurry is not because I am looking through a window and screen.

They were blurry because my eyes weren’t focusing on them right.

So now I can see the petals on my roses from my kitchen window.

Order has been restored.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Everywhere there are shops with free comic books! I might try and stop by the closest one to my house to see what they still have.

They also have a video of Hugh Jackman on their front page. So they get a positive vote in my book…

Also, Trifecta’s weekend challenge is telling a superhero origin story in 33 words. I decided to give it a go, but Emily Dickinson decided she didn’t want to be left out.

And there we go, a week summarized.


I’m sure I’m leaving things out. But everybody has to keep some secrets, yes?


Boy or Girl?

So, I am now the proud owner of a BMW.

It’s my first car, ever. Sometimes I look out the window and I stare at it thinking, “that’s my car! I have a car!”

It’s an older BMW (’93) and it needs a little TLC to get it looking nice, but I am really loving it so far. I admit, I’ve only had it a  day now, but I think that we have made a connection.

We complete each other.

But now I have a query, you see, I always refer to cars as “she’s.” So I just assumed that my car is a girl car. However, Lillian seems to think that my car is in fact male. We have argued about this (because we are sisters and we our greatest joy in life comes from arguing with each other) today and while I still think my car is a girl, Lillie insists it’s a boy.

I asked her if she checked under the back of the car to be sure, but she just sorta gave me a look. Can’t imagine why…

The gender of my car also brings up proper car names. Lillian has suggested, Victor, Reaper, and Darth the InVader (I have to admit, that last one had my chuckling).  I, however, was thinking something more like Myrtle, or Vinny.

Obviously, this is my car and I get to decide. But I like getting other opinions… as long as they agree with my own…

Just kidding. Mostly.

Either way, I get to make a poll now!

I love polls.

So, bearing that all in mind folks, I bring the argument to you. Is my car a girl, or a boy? I feel like this should be settled straight away, especially since I know I am right in this case… not that I’m trying to sway your opinion or anything…

Of course, you don’t have to weigh in on the issue. It is really, really silly actually… But I like silly so we’re going with it. Also, I just want to show you a picture of my car.

Isn’t she pretty?

So, here we go, a poll for you guys. And because I love you, I give you options!

Because we all know the truth here… *looks at Lillian*

[poll id=”2″]