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My name is Allison, welcome to my personal blog! I’m a High School English Teacher who has a coffee addiction and the coffee mug collection to prove it! I grew up in Oklahoma and relocated to North Carolina in 2017.

“Alleybeth” is the online nickname I’ve gone by for so long, why change it?

I’ve been using this site off and on since December 2010. It’s been a place for me to unload my thoughts and share whatever hobby or such I was involved in at the time.

Seven years later, I mostly focus on Teaching, Knitting, Coffee, and what ever project I just began and probably won’t finish. I’ve been a crafter since I can remember and I do have some knitting patterns I’ve published here on Ravelry. You can also find some of my creative writing here.

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment or share anything you liked. Or not! This place is here so that I may reflect on whatever my brain is stuck on, which may or may not be of value to you. If so, I’m glad and I hope you pass it on.

Have a lovely day!

-Allison Hogue
July 2017