A Quick Saturday Summary

So, let’s summarize this week, yes?

The results are in!

It is evenly divided.

My car is both boy and girl… oh and one person voted “Chuck Norris”

Maybe I’ll just call her Mrs. Nesbit,

because nothing is funnier than Buzz Lightyear dressed in drag…

I finished up my Poetry Writing class.

Thursday we turned in our portfolios and handed out chapbooks.

We also gorged ourselves on food and watched a little bit of “Howl” (wouldn’t suggest watching that one with the kiddos, just sayin’)

In the current of new things that seems to be running through my life right now,

I also got glasses, of all things!

Turns out whenever I’ve looked out the kitchen window to look at my roses, the reason why they’re blurry is not because I am looking through a window and screen.

They were blurry because my eyes weren’t focusing on them right.

So now I can see the petals on my roses from my kitchen window.

Order has been restored.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Everywhere there are shops with free comic books! I might try and stop by the closest one to my house to see what they still have.

They also have a video of Hugh Jackman on their front page. So they get a positive vote in my book…

Also, Trifecta’s weekend challenge is telling a superhero origin story in 33 words. I decided to give it a go, but Emily Dickinson decided she didn’t want to be left out.

And there we go, a week summarized.


I’m sure I’m leaving things out. But everybody has to keep some secrets, yes?



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