Boy or Girl?

So, I am now the proud owner of a BMW.

It’s my first car, ever. Sometimes I look out the window and I stare at it thinking, “that’s my car! I have a car!”

It’s an older BMW (’93) and it needs a little TLC to get it looking nice, but I am really loving it so far. I admit, I’ve only had it a  day now, but I think that we have made a connection.

We complete each other.

But now I have a query, you see, I always refer to cars as “she’s.” So I just assumed that my car is a girl car. However, Lillian seems to think that my car is in fact male. We have argued about this (because we are sisters and we our greatest joy in life comes from arguing with each other) today and while I still think my car is a girl, Lillie insists it’s a boy.

I asked her if she checked under the back of the car to be sure, but she just sorta gave me a look. Can’t imagine why…

The gender of my car also brings up proper car names. Lillian has suggested, Victor, Reaper, and Darth the InVader (I have to admit, that last one had my chuckling).  I, however, was thinking something more like Myrtle, or Vinny.

Obviously, this is my car and I get to decide. But I like getting other opinions… as long as they agree with my own…

Just kidding. Mostly.

Either way, I get to make a poll now!

I love polls.

So, bearing that all in mind folks, I bring the argument to you. Is my car a girl, or a boy? I feel like this should be settled straight away, especially since I know I am right in this case… not that I’m trying to sway your opinion or anything…

Of course, you don’t have to weigh in on the issue. It is really, really silly actually… But I like silly so we’re going with it. Also, I just want to show you a picture of my car.

Isn’t she pretty?

So, here we go, a poll for you guys. And because I love you, I give you options!

Because we all know the truth here… *looks at Lillian*

[poll id=”2″]



17 Replies to “Boy or Girl?”

  1. I agree with Karen and Eddie. Proper German or Bavarian name to honor your Bimmer’s noble appearance. Elke or Ilsa maybe?

    1. Hehehe… That could be shortened as well. When the car is being silly I could be all like, “oh, Hel…”


  2. Been thinking about this more, and I don’t know why, but “Veronica” keeps popping into my head every time I see a picture of your new “wheels.” But… I also like “Helga” and I thought Bill was going to fall out of his chair laughing at the “Oh Hel…” nickname.

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