#SOCSunday: Backyard Games

Well, hey.

I’m writing again! I missed this Sunday ritual so much, but I never could get myself to sit down and actually do it.

Too busy?


A mental busy.

Too much for the brain this week. To much heartache. I’m not sure how many times I’ve cried or teared up this week.

Yesterday, my best friend was reciting a sad scene to me from Anne of Green Gables because it was making me tear up.

But it was a good thing. Because it wasn’t sad, miserable tears. It was happy tears. The sort of happy tears you can only share with a friend, even when that friend is being silly and making you cry, on purpose. I love her anyway…. I guess…. haha.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the games we played as kids. Cowboys and Indians. I remember how the only thing that we ever really had to worry or dread was when my mom was going to pick me up. We never wanted to stop. We ran around like hooligans.

I want that for my kids. Someday, if I have kids I guess I should say. I want them to be able to play in the backyard all day and have the only thing they have to worry about is when I’m going to call them back in.

I hope I can give that too them.


Okay! Here’s a Stream of Consciousness post! Seems like forever… in fact, I think it has been forever!

Another good thing that I forgot to mention is a childhood friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend this weekend… really has me thinking about when we were kids. Good memories.


5 Replies to “#SOCSunday: Backyard Games”

  1. Not that it matters the age of anyone killed this week but my son is 8 years old. So the emotional heart strings we tugged ALOT. Anyway, I am glad you found something happy in your memories. It’s always wonderful to reflect.

  2. Oh the dreaded calling to say “we’re on our way” How we hated didn’t we? Cowboys and Indians, gosh those days seem so far away. Oh how I wish I could go back sometimes and really relish it. I was so busy trying to grow up too fast. 🙂

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