I’m sorta silly.

Okay. Like you didn’t know that already.

But really, sometimes I just need to be reminded how utterly silly I am. There was actually a little funny bout of silliness going on with this blog.

Imagine that.

You see, the issue with my sidebar and updates and patches was really making me feel pretty glum about this site. I had, after all, just finished updating it for the new year.

New Year, New Me, New Blog. (or some nonsense like that)

It really was to the point where I just didn’t want to post anything. Not even a picture of my big toe.

(I’m sure you’re relieved about that, you’re welcome)

I was contemplating what I needed to do. Do I need to reinstall? Do I need to switch where my blog is hosted at? What? Why?


And then I got to looking and I clicked on an update for my theme.

It fixed it.

It fixed everything.

And now I feel really silly. Because I should have thought to look for that sooner.

I also feel silly about letting something like a broken sidebar keep me from doing something I love; writing on my blog.

Because I really do enjoy writing on this blog. Yes, I do have my little splinter blog for those crazy creative writings I find myself coming up with, but Dropping Stitches will always be first and foremost my favorite.

So anyway. I’m silly.

But I guess I’ve always been silly. Just another reminder, I guess I was due one.

On with the show.

And if this blog gets screwed up again I’m going to throw a proper hissy fit, thank you very much.

Then I’ll check for updates.




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