Oh Look, A Post!

And here are some words!

And more words!


Anyway, I’m a little behind on things here. I’ve been busy with… other things.

That being said, I have some links to share and  I hope you’ll check them out.


One I hope you check out. The other I don’t really know why I’m sharing… it… just… I’ll explain here in a minute.

Here’s to the first link.

Confessions of an Amateur Shutterbug

This is my little sisters blog that she started because she wants to share some of the pictures she takes. I helped her decide on the name and I made her header for her.

Because everybody needs a custom header, no matter how small or new the site may be.

Anyways, I told her I was going to write about her on my blog so here I am, writing about her! While this is focused on her photos, I really do have to say that Lillie is a better writer than I am. She hilarious, weird, sweet, kind, strange, and in short — my little sister (did you think I was the only strange one in the batch?) She’s always coming up with something awesome and she helps me out when I’m unsure about my writing.

Which, I guess, brings me to my next link.


Allison E. Hogue @ WordPress.com

Yes. That is me.

At another site. *cue dramatic betrayal music*

So I’ve been doing some writing elsewhere. No in replacement of this site, but in addition. I’ve been working on my “creative writing” for a few months now and I figured that I could use a place to put it for feedback purposes. And also to give me some courage because I have a habit of writing things and never letting them see the light of day.  Which is why I’m cringing a little. Because some of that stuff is just… not. good. But everybody has to start somewhere I guess.

I also wanted it to be more directly associated with my name. I guess you could say it’s sorta like a portfolio. I’ll probably start adding more things I’ve written for my classes over the next few weeks, along with the random things I come up with when I can’t sleep at night.

This is, and will always be, my primary site. But if I haven’t updated in a few days, check there, because I might just be working on my poetry for this semester.

So there we go!

A Post! Some Words! And a Couple Links!

I think that’ll do it for today.



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