30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 7 & 8

Two more days down!

I know, this is all I’ve posted lately. But it’s all I’ve really got going on at the moment. I’m working on some writings for my classes, so I need to reserve some of the creative writing stuffs for that.

But I am having lots of fun with these photo challenges! I look forward to a new challenge everyday, it gives me something fun to do.

Day 7: “Silhouette”

This one was a little challenging. It was very gray and gloomy outside, so I used my laundry room window and my third in line sister, Lillian, as my model. I took this with my iPad Mini, like the rest of my pictures so far. I’m sure I could have acheived this easier with my Kodak, but I’ve decided to try to take all of my challenge photos exclusively with my iPad. I want to see how much I can do with it! And so far, it’s been working pretty well! This didn’t turn out perfectly blacked out, so I helped it a long a little in my post editing, but I’m pretty happy with it.


Day 8: “Something Close Up”

I used an old burnt out bulb for this picture. It was something different, I like different. I did a couple of editing jobs on this one and I can’t decide which one I like better, so here’s both! Same shot, two edits.



What have you been up to lately?



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