30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 3-6

Here’s what I’ve been coming up with the last few days. I got a couple days out of order, so I had to do a little catching up today, but we are all back in order again, yay!

Day 3: “Your Favorite Place”

I have a lot of favorite places, and Friday I got to go to quite a few! But here is the shot I chose.


Day 4: “From a High Angle”

This is one I got out of order (I skipped to Day 5 on accident), I also had some trouble deciding what to do. But here is what I came up with.


Day 5: “Whatever You Want”

Guess what? My patience totally paid off and I found a really pretty ring at an estate sale that actually fits! So that’s what I picked for Day 5.


Day 6: “From a Low Angle”

I grabbed a few blocks from our “building toy” bucket to get this shot.


Whew, so there we go! Days 3-6!

What have you been up to lately?



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