30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 2 “What You Wore Today”

So this is more like “What I’m Wearing Today” because I’m starting my day and not giving a recap. Because you know, when I get home there Won’t. Be. Good. Light.

A girl has to have some good light, yo.

So I hied myself outside and took some shots, today I’m wearing my favorite cowl necked over-sized comfy sweater, a floral skirt, and my black lace up boot-shoe-things.

Before she left this morning, Emily (my sister, next in line after me) told me that my outfit was interesting and wondered if that’s really what I was wearing. She said she wondered why I was wearing those clothes together when I came downstairs.

That’s when I decided this is what I’m going to wear today. May it never be said that Allison never wore an interesting outfit. Boring is for boring people.


My sweater has a nice cowl neck that I can pull up over my face if I want to. So it comes in handy when I smell something awful, or get stuck in tear gas.

Not that I smelt anything bad, or was being bombarded with tear gas. I was just demonstrating how handy it is in those situations…


Here’s the rest of the outfit. If you can tell.

Also, I am sharing this next picture to demonstrate a point…



I mean, WHY?

Why is it when I wasn’t even trying that my hair looks dang good, yet, when I AM trying for my hair to look good it’s more like “meh.” That’s my natural curl, all I did was wash it and then go to bed. I didn’t even brush it…

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong ladies (and gents too I guess) but when your hair looks dang good you feel pretty dang good and when you’re feeling pretty dang good you can take over the world.

It is a mystery.

Anyway, there is my Day 2.

What did/are you wear today?


2 Replies to “30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 2 “What You Wore Today””

  1. ummm it’s cold outside and I’m at home so I’d rather not share what I’m wearing…..ok actually I’m completely dressed but normally I’m not…uhh hoodie, t-shirt, jersey skirt, knee socks, & booties. 🙂

    I love your sweater btw. And while I think your hair looks lovely, yes you are correct, when you feel likes it’s da bomb you feel like you can take on the world.


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