Confessions of a Craftster: Sewing vs. Knitting vs. Sanity

I’m in the middle of prepping to make myself a couple new skirts. It’s a simple pattern and it will add a couple new wardrobe staples that I’ve needed/wanted for a while now. (Two pencil/straight skirts, one in dark wash denim the other in black lace).

In fact, I’m not having many issues. I have the patterns cut out, along with the needed adjustments to make sure the pattern will (hopefully) fit. I have the fabric and notions I need to make the skirt. sewing machine vintage image graphicsfairy2 I have a sewing machine that is all mine and I know how to use quite well. I have the skills and know how. I am actually fairly good at sewing. I will be able to make these skirts and they will be cute!

But I am having the same issue that I always have when ever I start a new sewing project.

I just don’t have the patience for sewing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Yes, I am a knitter. And yes, knitting can and does take longer than sewing. And yes, I do have a lot of patience when it comes to knitting.

I do not have a lot of patience, however, when it comes to sewing. In fact, I would even say that sewing isn’t entirely good for my sanity.

Which is kinda sad really, because I’m actually not too shabby at it. I’ve been thinking about it though, and I think I know what it is about knitting that I find I like better than sewing.

The prep work.

Particularly the cutting of pattern pieces and then taking those pattern pieces and cutting the fabric. All that cutting makes me a little crazy. It always takes me a long time because I am very paranoid about things being just right.

It really brings the perfectionist in me out in full force.

With knitting, however, there isn’t much prep work. You decide on a pattern. Check to see if you have the yarn for the item. Grab your needles. Cast on.

Yes. This is Russel Crowe Knitting. Is this Photoshopped? Don’t know. Don’t care. What does it have to do with this post? Um. Well. It has knitting…?

Yes, there is measuring for knitting. Especially when you are making garments. But I don’t knit garments, if I can help it. I haven’t had much luck with them. Not to mention that to knit garments that fit me takes a bit more yardage, which would cost me quite a lot because I, personally, don’t want to wear a sweater made of the cheapest acrylic, especially after I’ve spent hours knitting it.

With knitting, if you have the sizing off and you’re starting on the waist of a sweater and realize that the bust isn’t going fit, then you have to undo and reconfigure. At least, as long as you’ve not cut things too small, you can take things in and add panels to sewn garments without having to start all over again.

But the prep work makes me crazy, like I said.

So even non-garment items that don’t require a lot of measuring still drive me bonkers because there’s the cutting and the sewing of seams and then the ironing of seams and then the sewing of other seams and the all those little hangy threads you have to cut… and just…


That being said. I am going to make these skirts. Because if not then I’m not going to have two skirts that I’ve wanted for a while. And I’m pretty sure if I found two skirts that fit and were just what I wanted, it would be much more expensive than for me to make them myself.

So anyway, there’s my confession. I have no patience for sewing and I much prefer knitting which can take longer than sewing.

And it all makes me a little crazy. But I still enjoy the end result. So I guess that’s what matters.




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