Fibery Goodness

This fibery goodness is now in my life.

It’s going to be a multicolored/striped cowl.

It’s also green and purple, which are my two most favorite colors apparently.

I buy more purple and green yarn than any other color I think. And when I picked up these two skeins it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized that had, yet again, picked green and purple.

Sometimes, you just have to go with what feels right, even if it is the same old thing.


Author: Allison H.

English Teacher. Coffee Addict. Lover of Books, Music, Knitting, Movies/TV, and other Nerdy Things. Typos and autocorrect are my arch nemeses.

4 thoughts on “Fibery Goodness”

  1. Green and purple are also my favorite colors! I had a skein of green and purple Malabrigo Sock that was amazing. I used it for a shawl that I wear all of the time!

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