#SOCSunday: Comparing Myself

Yay! SOCSunday is back this week! I’m really excited to jump in and get going.

As always, just click on the picture to go to Jana’s Thinking Place for the Stream of Consciousness Sunday information, and don’t forget to stop by the other great posts this week!

The prompt is comparisons/competitiveness:

I’ve always been very mindful of what other people think about me.

Sure, I say that I don’t care what people think and to a certain extent that’s true.

But the fact is that deep down I do care. A Lot.

I compare myself to others and wonder about who I could be rather than who I am.

But you know what?

Over the last few years I’ve decided I like who I am better.

Not that, when I seeother people, I don’t care about who they are or think wha tthye are is anything to sneeze at.

But I’ve decided that I like myself better.

I like myself for myself. Even if sometimes I allow myself too much vanity.

But I still compare myself. I comare my writing. My style. My life. My shoes. My clothes. My strange little bump on the side of my nose.

But that’s not what matters. And that’s what’s important that I remember.

I don’t have to be where other people are at, just yet. I don’t have to get married and have kids and a house and a big career or something. I can be who I am right now. Sure, I want all those things, but I’ve learned to let myself be okay with not having those things right now. I even tell myself that maybe, I might just have to be okay with never having some of those things.

And I am okay.

Sometimes I still want those things.Rightthisveryminuteohmygoodnesscan’tmylifejustgetgoingalready?

But I am who I am. At this very moment. Not the past me, not the future me, just the now me.



8 Replies to “#SOCSunday: Comparing Myself”

  1. “I can be who I am right now.” I love that and think it is brilliant.

    I am starting to compare myself to others more and more lately, and think that I need to get back to where I am fine with who I am right now.

    1. I agree. I think my problem lies in sometimes rather than trying to make a better me, I’ll start trying to be more like someone else.

  2. Congrats on your BlogMas award! It is so hard not to compare ourselves to others. I find myself comparing current me to past me and I am a harsh judge. Loved this.

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