Say What?

Thanksgiving is next week.

Next week!


How did I not realize that until last night?

Where has time gone? Has it been swallowed up? Has The Doctor been messing with it again? Has the time and space continuum been tampered with?

My mind is blown right now, where has this year gone? It seems just like yesterday that we had a New Year and then I had my Graduation and then my best friend’s wedding and I was starting a new year at a new school and… just… wow. Now it’s Mid November and I’m looking at roughly a month left of classes and then Christmas and  The Hobbit coming out and another New Year. Perhaps this year has been so full of awesome things that it’s just sped by because I’ve always been doing something.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Realizing that Thanksgiving is next week has also made me realize that Christmas is approaching as well and I have not even started my gift knitting. Cause I am planning on knitting and crafting things for Christmas.

Yeah, I’m crazy, insane, and otherwise nonsensical.

I’m definitely going to keep it simple too. I won’t go into too many details because some of my recipients read my blog on occasion and it would figure that the one post they would read would be the one where I detail my Christmas list.

However, I got to thinking about some awesome last-minute gifts that I’ve made in the past. Or that I’ve wanted to make in the past.

So, just in case you’re in the same boat as me and you’d like some ideas for quick and fun Christmas (or any other Holiday/Occasion) gifts, here are two of my favorite things to make for quick gifts.

The Necks Big Thing ScarfShelley Brander
I’ve made three of these scarves in different weights, I even wove one of them! They are fast, fun, and really easy! The woven one I made I gave to my sister and she wore it while we were in L.A. last Christmas, she said several people stopped her to ask where she got her scarf. The chunky weight one I gave to my best friend, I kept the purple one for myself and the pink and black one is the one I gave to my sister.

Shelley also has some other great patterns that look like they would be fun and easy. She owns the BEST LYSs here in Tulsa (Loops Knitting) so she comes up with patterns to showcase yarns that are sold at her stores. But they are easily interchangeable with other yarns and oftentimes only need a skein or two! The Xanax Cowl looks like it would be another good one! There are also lots of other patterns that are designed for her shop by others, the list is here. I might be referring to this one from time to time over the next weeks!

The reason by I love making scarves and cowls is because they don’t have to be a particular size and it’s easy to make one that’s gender neutral or guyish. When it comes to cowls, I really don’t follow many patterns. I like making up my own patterns and they are lots of fun when you want to try a new stitch. However, one pattern that I’ve used that I really liked is A Grey Loop from Helen G. I used this pattern when I made my cowl out of that gorgeous Noro yarn I was given for my birthday. It really works when you want something lacy, but the pattern is so simple that even if you’re using a variegated yarn you don’t have to worry about the lace pattern getting lost in the colors. Most of my knitting will probably be cowls this year. I love them, I love wearing them, and I love making them.

So those are my two go to quick gifts.

What are some of your favorite go to gifts when you’re in a pinch? I would love to hear!



2 Replies to “Say What?”

  1. I know right??? It’s completely nutso that Thanksgiving is next week!!

    And I am totally with you on the handmade Christmas items!! I wish I knitted or something…oh wait! I’ll make prints of pictures….you know…instead of them taking up precious space on my computer. 🙂

    1. Pictures are an awesome idea! There are lots of crafty things you can make that couldn’t require knitting or even any sewing. Have you ever checked out Makezine? It’s awesome and has a plethora of great craft ideas!

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