Where’d The Knitting Go?

Gather around everyone while I tell you a story.

A myth.

An epic of… er… epic proportions.

You see, legend has it that this blog used to be about knitting.

Weekly updates about projects and stitches and woes and victories were contained therein.

And not only that, but crochet and embroidery and all manner of crafty goodness.

But the knitting fell by the wayside with the starting of school full-time. And all other manner of time consumers.


Okay, I’m sure you guys get the idea.

I haven’t been knitting much, which explains the lack of knitting posts on my blog. I really regret that because I love my knitting and I think now of all the times in my life I could really use the stress relief, but I never have any time.

I also have a shorter attention span right now for some reason, so big projects are daunting.

However, I have worked on and off over the last few months on a really basic mitered garter stitch blankets in grey, gold, and green stripes. The only time I find for knitting is typically when I’m watching The Voice.

I haven’t really taken any good pictures of my blanket, but I have posted a few on my instagram.

Um. Yeah. I was bored.

So yeah. As you can tell, I knit while I watch something.

I’m hoping that things will settle down so I can work more on this blanket. Winter is approaching after all.

Well Wishes,


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