#SOCSunday: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Seems like I never have time on Sundays anymore for writing. Too much going on.

But  this week I really don’t feel like I can start my week off right without doing a little brain dump, so here’s my late offering. 🙂

A day lat enad a dollar short.

that’s just the way I roll these days.

Not sure why, just too much going on up in the noggin I’m guessing.

Yesterday, me and the others were in choir practice, I love choir practice by the way, and the girl that stands in front of me turned around and asked me if the grammar was driving me crazy?

I didn’t quite get what she meant at first until she pointed out on the words in front of us how the person who had typed up and printed out the words had put “your” instead of “you’re”.

I haven’t even notivecd. I was so into singing. haha.

Anyway, it sparked a conversation where we had to prove that “you’re” is actually the proper form.

It was funny.

Not sure why it just came to mind. but this is brain dumping and apparently my brain wanted to dump that. Hmmm.

My brain does funny things. Like rambling.

I also got to spend the afternoon with my best friend. We did fun girly things while her husband watched football.

Part of the day was spent us just rambling on together. Talking about what ever. Having a good time just chekcing up and plotting and scheming (Well, Eden was plotting and schemeing, I was just sitting there day dreaming — whoa, did I just say that?)

That’s the thing about brain dumping. Never quite know what you’re about to say.

It’s kinda scary. But I need the honesty. To keep me…




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