Creative Writing Has Taken Over My Life

And that is no joke.

The last week of my life has been focused mainly on creative writing.

I wrote and work shopped  quite a bit of poetry (for me), went to the Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers, and I finished up and turned in my Creative Writing Portfolio for my Creative Writing class.

It’s been intense and I had a rough time yesterday morning (complete lack of sleep does that to you), but man, I have read some really awesome stuff. I love the group I work shop with in class. It really made my day better getting to work with them yesterday. They always blow me away with their work and they are so great to help me with mine.

Anyway, I read them a poem yesterday that I wrote that I thought I would share, because creative writing has taken over my life after all and this blog is about my life. I’ve also run short on creative juices for this week so I’m going to just go with what I’ve already got.

So here’s my poem, a modified villanelle. I was working on my villanelle for my portfolio and the rhyme scheme was giving me fits. I am definitely a free verse person. I like, well, freedom. But I had to write a villanelle, I would start and restart and start all over again, trying to find a rhyme and rhythm that I liked. Somewhere between draft #50 and draft #868 I wrote this poem venting about, well, my poem.


Let’s be honest y’all,
I should not be writing poems about love,
Not at all.

Because there are only so many words you can rhyme with “all”
Of for that matter, with “love”
Like I said, I’m just being honest y’all.

And even though writing poetry is a ball.
I’m having trouble using the word “glove”
So let’s be honest y’all
I should not be writing poems about love
Not at all.


It has its own issues and kinks I need to work out, but I like it in theory.

Anyway, that’s my life at the moment. Writing and more writing. With a side of writing.

Well Wishes,



4 Replies to “Creative Writing Has Taken Over My Life”

  1. Well honey, let me be honest, I have no idea what exactly a “villanelle” is. BUT!! I like yours!! 🙂

    Here’s some extra “hugs” to hold on to for those rough mornings…or evenings or whenever. 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks. I didn’t know what a villanelle was until a week or two ago myself. 🙂

      And thanks for the hugs! As long as I’m good I should be out of the clear, but I’ll never turn down a hug. I like to keep a bank of them, just in case. 😉

    1. Aw, thanks! I didn’t think I would like the poetry section that much, but it has turned out being my favorite section in the class so far. I’ve decided to take the Writing Poetry class next semester, I’ve enjoyed it so much. 🙂

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