#Playlist Friday: Unwinding

Whew. After working this afternoon I needed a little music to help me unwind and get relaxed before working on some schoolwork. (Apparently we have to go back to college after Thanksgiving... geez...) So, here's a playlist! Which feels pretty good since it's been awhile since I've shared a playlist. Have a good weekend! Allison


Fibery Goodness

This fibery goodness is now in my life. It's going to be a multicolored/striped cowl. It's also green and purple, which are my two most favorite colors apparently. I buy more purple and green yarn than any other color I think. And when I picked up these two skeins it wasn't until afterwards that I …


I love photoshop! It's great for when I'm feeling creative and I just want to kill some time. Especially when I want to be creative after finding and downloading some awesome new fonts. I found an awesome Oklahoma image, so using some of my new fonts and such I starting making some "prints." I thought …