SOCSunday: Non-Prompt Randomness


Let me just say, I have never felt more busy. Which is really funny, considering I haven’t been busy, busy.

More like mentally busy.

School and life in general is eating away at my brain.

But that’s not going to keep me from this! I enjoy my Sunday brain dumping session so much.

This week we’re going non-prompt. And let me just say, I am really proud of myself for not going in and correcting every little mistake I made.

Because the English Major in me wants to correct every single little typo. But that’s not keeping with the spirit of Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

We’re roughing it this week.

We’re also not making a lot of sense this week.

We’re just going to go with it.

Maybe we should stop using the Royal We and get with the post. Yes, this would be a good idea.





DO you ever get a song stuck in your head and it plays over and over again. And you sing it. No matter how badly or well you manage to sing it. I like singing.

Do you ever find yourself letting hte song just take you over? You know, get wrapped up in it. As you sing you realize you have the biggest grin on your face because all of a sudden the same lyrics you’ve heard over and over again suddenly mean so much more to you.

And it makes you warm. And happy. And good.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be life to have no thoughts. Just nothing. blank silience without anything there to distract. No ideas or schoolwork or life or music.

I think it would be lonely.

In those moments when I am me and there is no one but me I sorta need me to keep me comapny.

Does that even make sense?

Probably not.

But I love the music. Even when it’s the annoying teen pop song my little sister plays over and over again.

I love our songs. the ones we adopt as our very own.

I have a few.

They cycle in and out. But they give me a lot of comfor and joy whne I have them.

I like my song.

Your song.

Our song.

Everybodies song.



2 Replies to “SOCSunday: Non-Prompt Randomness”

  1. I love music too. When to the play Wizard of Oz today. It followed the movie exactly. It was amazing how many of those song I heard over and over as a young girl were stuck in my brain. Amazing the feelings they loosened in me. Need to download that soundtrack.

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