An Evening at the Fair

I love going to the Fair.

The sights, the sounds, the smells.

I don’t really ride the rides anymore, I get too sick most of the time to make it worth it. But I love to watch them and inwardly laugh at the people screaming. I also like the lights.

This year my whole family went together. Which we haven’t done it a year or two since our schedules don’t line up that well most of the time. But this year we all got to go together.

I made sure to bring my camera. I’ve gotten out of the habit of bringing my camera with me since I’ve gotten my iPhone and Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love both. But there’s nothing like my camera for getting the shots that I really want. So I brought it a long and snapped shots as we navigated the fair.

There were a few sprinkles when we first got there, but things cleared out. Even during the day I love the lights of the rides.

This is an awesome sculpture made of vegetables! I had never seen anything like it before. Typically I would see the butter sculpture, but I think this is cooler!

Once night fell we went back on the midway to get some grub. While we were waiting I snapped this action shot. My dad says that when he was in school this was his favorite ride. I’ve ridden one like it before, made me sicker than a dog. Looks cool though.

I had an Indian Taco (okay, so I shared it. It was a lot of food for one person!). I had never had one before and I loved it! Somebody later told me that another vendor sells an Indian Taco that has brisket on it. Yum!

I love, love, love the big swing. Not only is it the most beautiful ride on the midway, but it’s also the most photogenic!

I ended the night listening to Jeremy Camp on the main Oklahoma Stage. Awesome stuff (I also want his organ).

My only regret is that I didn’t go and see the animals and the art, but maybe I can go back again one day this week to take a look.

So, what’s your favorite part of the fair?

Well Wishes,


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