SOCSunday: Please Pardon the Mess.

Another Sunday and some more Stream of Consciousness! I needed it today too. Didn’t sleep much last night, I just got lost in my thoughts. Jana had us to a topicless prompt. Just write what comes to your head. Yeah. I needed that!

If you’d like to try, Steam of Consciousness Sunday is 5 minutes of pure, glorious brain dumping! No editing (something I’m still struggling with), no proof reading, just write. You can link up over at Jana’s Thinking Place and read the other SOCSunday posts and more info about SOCSunday.

So, without further ado!

Please pardon the mess.

I didn’t mean to leave it there, out in the open spaces of my mind. But lookit it! and There! and Here!

It’s all swirling around and jumbled.

Messy, Messy.

Thoughts race around like animals. Some blunder. Some wreak havoc.

Some come a long and stay for awhile.

Soothing things, those can be.

Thoughts filter through, thoughts stick. Thoughts leave.

They’ve all taken shop, in some place. Most choose the concious. Others like to sneak in from the sub say “suprise,bet you didn’t see THAT one coming” and sneak back out before I can ask them what the heck they thought they were doing in the first place.

If I could organize them half the time, that would be good. But they don’t like order. They like to have fun and do their own thing.

Sometimes there just one thought that really likes me.

Likes to sit and chat.

Likes to pretend that we’re a thing. Me and the thought.


Silly thought, another will replace you pretty soon.

But you can stay there while you can.

I like you better than the others who passs through without hardly saying hello.


14 Replies to “SOCSunday: Please Pardon the Mess.”

  1. I love this. Love it. It’s so true. I love the line about *pretending you’re a thing* you and the thought. It’s fabulous. Thanks for brain dumping and sharing this way!

  2. This post reminds me partly of poetry and partly of a child’s book with a more sophisticated feeling. I like how you’ve used sentence fragments and how you addressed the thoughts directly.

    Yes, silly thoughts, another will replace you, but I’ve still enjoyed your presence! :3


    I just shared on twitter & am following you there now. Love the personification…especially as a writer myself. Pleased I stumbled upon you/this via #SOC Sunday at Jana’s!

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