Dear Autumn

Dear  Autumn,

I went out today with my camera in an attempt to find signs that you have arrived.

I’m sad to say, you are leaving a little to be desired for.

First, I came across some pretty mums.

However, since WE planted these they don’t count. Although, they do add a little festive color to the front yard.

Next, I found evidence that the squirrels are getting ready for the Winter.

Obviously, they must know something that we don’t. Which I find annoying. Why share with the squirrels what’s going on, but not the rest of us?

After that I found a leaf in the street that had started to turn.

This was more like what I was looking for. However, a cigar, it is not.

I also found an acorn that the squirrels missed.

I admit, I was feeling jealous about the squirrels knowing something that I didn’t. So finding an acorn that they missed satisfied my competitive nature.

After finding the acorn I decided to move to the backyard, thinking maybe that you decided to start there rather than the front yard. All I found was my new friend.

While not what I was looking for, I am glad that I made a new acquaintance. Even if we’ll never have a real relationship.

I prefer warm-blooded and wingless. Sorry, Jiminy.

Now, I realize that today was the last day of September and that perhaps I am getting ahead of my self a little. But I was so excited for you to arrive that I keep wishing for more.

So I’m going to try again at a later date. I hope you decide to kick things into gear here. I’m waiting.

Although, I will admit that even though I was disappointed by the lack of Autumnal showing, there was one really good thing about today.

The Weather was really awesome.

Well Wishes,


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