and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills

I’ve had that song stuck in my head today.

I also got my camera out!

Well, only as long as the battery let me get it out.

Apparently batteries have to be charged.


Well, perhaps it was the song. Or perhaps I’m just stuck on reflections, which actually might account for why that song is stuck in my head, but I starting playing with reflections.



My object of obsession this evening has been a clear glass marble.

I guess small round things are another one of my things.

So started taking pictures of it, or at least that was what I was doing before my camera decided that it only wanted to work on charged batteries. Typical.

Before my camera battery decided to give up the ghost I did get one pretty nice shot. See!

Oh, did I mention that I threw in some pearls? Cause I totally threw in some pearls.

Me, have a problem? No!

As soon as my batteries are all charged I’m going to play around with some more pictures. There are actual signs of Autumn outside! And I’ve been knitting! And the weather is good. And life is just good.

*does happy dance*

Also, because I forgot to do Playlist Friday yesterday (which, by the way, I totally have plans for — muahaha) I’m going to share my earworm with you.

Well Wishes,



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