Playlist Friday: Lillie’s Sweet Sixteen

So one of my little sisters, Lillie to be precise, turned 16 this week.

Say what?

Kids these days, growing up like that’s the thing to do.


In honor of her Sweet Sixteen I asked Lillie if she would put together a list of 16 of her favorite songs. And she did not disappoint.

Music is a family thing. I’ve always grown up with music in the house, if there isn’t any music playing in the house then it’s possible that we aren’t at home. There is always music. Always.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the habit of jumping genres from song to song. I like mixing my lists up a bit. But Lillie can put me to shame when it comes to genre jumping. Not only that, she remembers songs and artists better than a lot of people I know. She and I play SongPop and it’s nothing for her to completely annihilate me in most categories. Especially 80’s music. She’s also great with lyrics, if she ever got on that lyrics game show (can’t remember the name at the moment) she would probably make it to the end (The girl can recite every single word of All Star, in the right order.)

So, knowing what I know about Lillie’s tastes in music I awaited her list of songs excitedly. She handed me over a list of 16 songs that she wrote out on a piece of notebook paper just a little while ago and I’ve compiled the playlist to her exact specifications.

Some of the songs I knew, some songs I had never heard of before. I have a feeling that if I ever needed some new music to listen to, I should go to Lillie and ask her for a recommendation.

Without further ado, here’s Lillie’s Sweet Sixteen Playlist.

Happy 16th Lillie! Thanks for the music and the fun. And for being my little sister, I realize that you don’t really get a choice in that matter, but you put up with me splendidly.



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