Out on the Town

I love getting out in Downtown Tulsa.

Tulsa has some great architecture and some of the very best examples of it can be found Downtown. I love architecture, so just getting to look at the buildings are enough of an incentive for me to go Downtown. But it also has lots of other things going for it too!

Over the past few years there has been a lot of work done to make Downtown Tulsa a hipper, cooler place for people to shop, eat, and live. Some of my favorite places to eat are downtown and there are all sorta of shops that I have yet to even go into. Every time I explore I find something new and there is always something going on.

Last night was the Tulsa Rock n’ Rib Festival. If I could, I would find a way to make this post scented because let me tell you, it smelled like Heaven last night. There were lots of great BBQ booths from around the country set up. Delicious.

It was overcast and misty last night. We’ve had some storms roll in the last couple of days and the temperatures have dropped, making it perfect coffee and knitting weather. I actually had to put a warmer blanket on my bed last night!

As we walked the couple of blocks from where we parked to the festival I was completely enchanted by the effect the heavy clouds had on the skyline.

I had my iPhone with me, so I took some snap shots. I wish I would have brought my big camera with me, but here’s a little taste of Downtown Tulsa on a chill, misty evening.

I was playing with a depth of field filter on this one, it didn’t work just right. Oh well.

These last two photos I didn’t take, my sister took them and posted them on her instagram (username emilyh_18). I asked her if I could share them because I think they are really awesome and I think they capture the mood of last night so much better. She’s also a much better iPhone Photographer than I am. Seriously, check out her account on instagram.

Wandering around last night really did remind how much I love living in Tulsa. They are very, very few places I would rather be.

Well Wishes,


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