Playlist Friday: If I Ever Do a Cover Album…

This weeks Playlist Friday is going to be short and sweet. I’m ready to curl up with my latte, and my knitting, and just watch some Doctor Who.

It’s been one of those weeks.

So what inspired this week’s Playlist?


I wish I could give a deeper, cooler, reason. But I was just plain bored.

It was about this time that I decided to make a playlist in which I would include the songs that I would sing if I ever made a cover album. Not that I would ever make a cover album. But a girl can have dreams, right?

So I started compiling the list and at first I thought I was just randomly picking songs. But as I examined my choices further I realized that I had selected songs that fit a pattern.

1. They are all pretty easy for me to sing. No notes that are too high or too low that I couldn’t manage.

2. They are all pretty laid back in tempo. Except for one that is…

3. They are all songs that I connect with on some deep level.

4. They are all songs that I will find myself singing around the house.

It was almost sort of therapeutic to put the list together. It was like I was discovering a side to myself I had forgotten about.

It felt pretty good.

So here’s my list of songs that I would sing if I ever made a cover album.

Well Wishes,


2 Replies to “Playlist Friday: If I Ever Do a Cover Album…”

  1. Well I only know 2 of those songs by name, I might know more but if I do I don’t know it. Huh. I think I just confused myself. Anyway I think I’ll start listening to all your playlist Friday’s because then I might learn some new songs/artists. I get so stuck in ruts. =)

    Oh yeah and last night was perfect for coffee, & movies/tv!! =)

    1. I’m actually really bad about listening to the same stuff. But I’ve been venturing out since putting these lists together, trying to find new stuff to share. 🙂

      And yes! I even had to put a warmer blanket on my bed! 😀

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