Coat & Jacket Weather

Things are finally showing signs of cooling down here in Oklahoma! Okay, so it can still get pretty warm during the afternoon but since it’s not 158F anymore, I’ll take what I can get.

The weather has me thinking about coats and jackets. I love coats and jackets weather.

Love. Adore. Admire. Esteem.


There’s nothing I love more than a stylish coat, a comfy jacket, or a sharp blazer. So I thought I would pull a few from The Wardrobe on pinterest for a little Wednesday Afternoon fun.

I could use a break from playing Song Pop and knitting anyway. (More on that later.)

I really like this style of jacket. The rolled up sleeves and general slouchy feel makes it look like it would be extremely comfortable.

This really lovely trench features a ruffled front and a nice belt. I really like the color too!

I really adore this coat. Everything from the color to the texture to the adorable details. I’m not completely sold on the collar, but everything else? Yes please!

I love everything about this pea coat! The shoulders and the ruffles along the yoke really make me happy.

Okay, so this jacket is a lot like the first jacket. But um, pink? I really would like jackets like these in every color!

This one fascinates me! It’s so interesting I really wish I had a jacket like this. I would probably wear it everywhere. Hah.

So there we go! A few jackets and a couple of coats!

I recently picked up a real cool vintage leather coat recently at a really good deal, so while I do wish I had these coats/jackets, I am excited about my new winter coat!

Now, if the weather will just hurry up and get cool enough…

Well Wishes,

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2 Replies to “Coat & Jacket Weather”

  1. Yes yes. the weather needs to get colder so I can dig out all my lovely fall/winter things. I LOVE that mustard coat!!! The sleeves are so freakin awesome!!!

    Awesome blossom picks Alley Beth!! (I think the “weather” would approve!)


    P.S. I love you.

    1. Yeah, the sleeves are awesome!

      And thanks. Even if I’m going to have to plot your demise now…

      Haha, just kidding. Love you too. Mostly. 😉

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