Playlist Friday: Mine

So I was a little torn on what to share for this weeks Playlist Friday feature. I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragon’s awesome new album “Night Visions.” But I also had a particular playlist in mind that I’ve been looking forward to sharing all week. I decided that the preplanned playlist would get this week’s spot. But I am  working on something for Imagine Dragons. Because they are awesome.

Also, yes! I’ve decided that Playlist Friday will (hopefully) become a regular feature! I love sharing music just as much as anything else. So I’m going for it because it’s relevant to my life and that’s what I’m here doing. Sharing my life.

I’m also trying to get over the selfish tendencies I have for putting in the headphones and not sharing with the world.

Which leads me to the title of my next playlist…


That’s it. Nothing fancy, just “Mine.”

Mine has some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite artists. It’s also an example of how random my taste in music can be. Everything from Foreigner to Norah Jones to Florence + The Machine and Josh Groban can be found on this playlist. But in my head, this all makes sense.

My head doesn’t makes sense.

Now you might wonder why I would name a playlist thusly. I mean, “Mine” is pretty ambiguous and cryptic in a way.


Because I could. That’s why.

I could probably give you a more in-depth reason. But I’m just going to go with the “just because” reason because I’m lazy.

I’m also secretive and devious.

But mostly just lazy.

Without further ado, here’s my Friday Playlist.

What have you been listening to this week?

Well Wishes,


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