Technologically Unadvanced

With each passing day I have had to face the reality that I am much more technically unadvanced than I could have ever imagined.

Which is pretty funny, considering that in the past I have been the go to person when something electronic or technical is involved.

I’m still good with the familiar things, my computer, my printer, sound equipment (mostly, sometimes), and other various things. I was even able to figure out how to embed a Spotify playlist Friday!

But even I have my limits.

We have one of those new Samsung televisions that has apps so you can directly stream Netflix, Hulu, and a few other things directly to the TV. Okay, fine. I can handle Netflix and Hulu well enough.In fact, I would say that I’m pretty proficient with Netflix and Hulu.

But the YouTube app?

Drives me crazy. You have to use the remote control to search for anything and I always forget which buttons to push to find things. Most of the time my 9-year-old sister has to take the remote from me and work it if she has any hopes of seeing a video within the next year.

This same sister also has to start a DVD for me. Apparently, you don’t have to go to a special channel to watch something like you did when I was a kid. However, I forget this every time and my littlest sister takes the remote from me and reminds me that I don’t have to change the channel and that I just have to wait a minute for my DVD to pull up.

Well. Okay then.

Then there is my iPhone. I have a first gen which is a hand me down my dad gave me. I’m not too picky, so I make do with it considering that it was free and I don’t have the money to buy a new one.

Operating it on the other hand, well that’s an adventure.

I do pretty well for myself, but there has been a few learning curves.

When I can actually remember where I put it that is.

Mostly, if I can’t figure something out I go to one of my sisters and ask. They, thankfully, are good about showing me how to do things but not without giving me “the look.” You know, the “this is rather simple, you are smart enough to figure this out on your own” look.

The latest thing they’ve shown me is how to take a screen shot of my phone. I couldn’t figure out how that could possible work. Then my sister sat me down and showed me that is a simple matter of pressing the lock and home button down at the same time.

Well of course. I could have thought of that on my own.

I took a screenshot of the weather… har de har har


There are a few other things that I have problems with sometimes. But I’m getting better.



Not really.

But despite my shortcoming with some devices there is one newer device in the house that I know how to use without help.

The Keurig.

I even had to show my sisters how to use it.

I felt so smart, teaching them how to make a cup of coffee.

I’m not completely unadvanced!

Now if I can just figure out where I left my phone…

Well Wishes,


2 Replies to “Technologically Unadvanced”

  1. OH Alley, You crack me up. I can see this being me and my kids in a few years….”Kids! Come turn on this stupid, Oh wait, I mean Smart, Tv so I can watch a freakin movie!”…Them: “mooooommmm, it’s just this, this, this, then this and this.

    Duh, mom.”

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