SOCSunday: Wouldn’t it Be Awesome?

I enjoyed this a lot last week, so I’m going to give it a go again this week!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if…

I could remember where my phone is half the time. And then when I do find my phone, I remember to keep it charged. I like my phone but I guess it’s obvious that having my phone with me at all times isn’t a priority most days.

I actually knew my own head sometimes. Or my heart for that matter. I’ll think that I know what’s going on and what I want and then something will be thrown in my path to completely divert my original thoughts.

I wish I knew. About you. And this. And that. And me. And us.

It would be awesome if I rolled my hair more often, because I really love it when it’s curly. Curly like when I was a little girl. But I have a lot of hair. And curly hair takes some effort. Thank you very much.

I reserve curly hair for special occasions.

I think it would also be awesome if I actually stuck to the prompt. I mean, this is rather close to the prompt. But I am digressing a lot here. This may or may not be because I am hyped up on caffeine.


I think it would be awesome if I could actually sleep without having to worry about things. I can’t turn my mind off at night and it circles around the things that I can’t fathom anymore. Sometimes I feel lost, waiting for sleep.

Aaaand there we go! That was fun, I am enjoying these Sunday exercises! Thank you Jana!

Well Wishes,


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