Late Summer Knitting

This summer has been a bummer on the knitting front.

It’s been entirely too hot of late and it has effectively zapped any desire I’ve had for knitting. Even with cottons.

Today, because I was bored and didn’t really want to do my homework (I know, bad student) I decided to change things up and made up a quick knit cowl.

Now, I love cowls. To the point where it’s the first thought I have when I get a new skein of yarn. It’s pretty bad in fact. I have to force myself sometimes to look in other directions because I am totally enamored with cowls now.

But I figured for today, one little cowl wouldn’t hurt anything and I needed to make something for a change.

So, I grabbed a single skein of discontinued Berrocco yarn called Glace, in a beautiful olive green. It’s a rayon, ribbon like yarn that’s very soft and drapes beautifully. I strung some of my wood beads onto the yarn and grabbed a 10 1/2 US needle and cast on in the round. I placed beads in a couple of spirals and knit until I had no more yarn. I worked down to the last couple of inches of yarn too, I might add! It was scary there for a minute.

As I cast off, I dropping every other stitch to make it open and lacy and to make the cowl a little bit bigger.

Because the cast on edge has twice as many stitches as the bound off edge it creates a slight ruffle effect. It’s very slight though.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out. I wasn’t sure about it when I started to drop the stitches, but once it was done and I had it on I was really pleased with the effect! It almost feels more like a necklace in some ways. It’s so light and I love how the beads spiral and mingle in the yarn.

In fact, I’m so happy with how this turned out that I’m thinking about trying it again but with a skein of my white silk yarn and some pearls beads.

Overall, I think it was a perfect afternoon knit. And it’s really got me back in the mood to get some knitting done!

Okay, back to my homework…

Well Wishes,


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