That word scares me sometimes. But not today. There are two main things that I’m excited about right now at this very moment. Both of them revolve around a couple of changes.

The first one being that I started my first day at my new school! I graduated from Tulsa Community College this spring with my associates degree. I’ve since transferred to Northeastern State University and my first two classes met today.

I’m excited that I’m able to continue on with my college career. When I first started at TCC I thought that getting my associates would be as far as I would take it, mainly because I was unsure about being able to afford a university education. I was also unsure about how successful I would be at being a college student, there were days that getting my associates degree seemed like a daunting enough task. I’m thankful that a combination of scholarship money and affordability at NSU is making it possible for me to get my bachelors and hopefully someday my masters!

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is Creative Writing. While that doesn’t seem like a hard class to most, it’s a huge step for me! I’ve never considered myself much of a creative writer. Sure, when I was younger I would write poems from time to time. Sometimes I would get it in my head to write a book, only to barely make it through a couple of pages and completely lose steam. I’ve always wanted to be a creative writer but a combination of insecurity and lack of patience always kept me from it. However, I’ve since had a few creative writing assignments in some of my courses and I found that I actually enjoyed them more than I expected.

What really made me decide that I wanted to venture into the realm of creative writing was the one-act play I choose as my class project in my Introduction to Drama class. I picked the one-act play option not as something that would be “easier” than say, a ten-page research paper, but because I wanted to challenge myself to try something I’ve never done before. I ended up loving the assignment, even though it did pull every bit of creative juices that I had to pull it off.

I don’t expect my insecurities to go away, heck, sometimes I feel insecure about what I write on this blog. However, I do hope that taking this course will give me a better idea of who I am as a writer and hopefully help me improve my writing that much more. I really don’t know where I’m going to take my education in the future, or what skills I do have as a writer, but I do want to be the very best writer that I can be (I also want to be a better proof-reader because I think half the challenge of my being a better writer is actually learning how to properly edit my work).

It’s one of the reasons why I started writing this blog. Not only do I get to share things that I find interesting, or in some cases that I take pride in, but it keeps me writing and using words. Writing really is one of those things where you have to practice, practice, practice. Even if you’re a good writer, you still need to use the skill to keep it sharp.

Keeping that in mind, here’s the next change that I’m very excited about. Dropping Stitches is getting its own domain! Thanks to my dad, I now have the domain for Dropping Stitches and I am currently in the process of moving everything over to the new blog!

Ever since I set this blog up I wanted to have my own domain and I’m so excited that I finally do. Eventually this site will become a redirect to the new blog. I’m not sure yet how those of you who subscribe to the blog now will be effected, but I’m hoping it won’t be a very arduous change.

So there you have it, two big changes for me and this blog! They are very exciting changes though, well, for me they are at least! I appreciate those who read this blog and have been so encouraging. My blog holds a special place in my heart, it’s a place that’s uniquely mine and can be whatever I want it to be. It changes as I change and I hope these next changes will be for the better. I just want to say thanks to those who’ve come along for the ride. It’s pretty bumpy sometimes, but I hope it’s been fun thus far! It has for me.

I’ll be sure to keep updating things over the next little while as things move along.

Well Wishes,


3 Replies to “Ch-ch-change”

  1. Yea, Yea, & Yea!!! So excited for you about college, I know you love school and I know you are going to shine!! =)

    So excited for you about the domain too!! Can’t wait to see the new site!! =)

  2. Good luck with your classes! I took a couple of creative writing classes, and they were really fun. I loved writing, although the hardest part was always sitting through other people critiquing a piece that you liked so much. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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