Put a Ring On It

I adore rings.

I don’t wear much jewelry and most of the time if I do have any jewelry on it is one of my rings. I’m pretty picky about my jewelry, I like to wait and find just the right piece before I’ll spend any money.

I’ve been ring shopping lately. But I’ve come to the conclusion that not just any ring will do. I could go to a lot of places and find pretty, new, rings with some vintage flair. But I want an antique. I love vintage settings and I want the real deal.

I don’t wear much jewelry anyway, so why not go all out and get exactly what I want,  right? It will require some patience though, because unlike new rings I can’t just ask if they have my size available, I have to find the right ring and hope it fits. I’ve already gone through heartbreak with a beautiful amethyst ring that I loved but didn’t fit.

I’ve been keeping an eye on rings at estate sales and antique shops, but I’ve also been “shopping” on Pinterest.

Have I mentioned lately that Pinterest has taken over my life?

I’m pretty sure not all of the rings I’ve found on Pinterest are vintage/antique, but they sure are pretty. Anyway, what I’ve found on Pinterest is just to beautiful not to share, so here’s a short list of some of the gorgeous rings I’ve found lately.

This ring was sold at this Etsy shop, which has tons of beautiful pieces, including a whole section of vintage jewelry from the 20’s and 30’s.

I’d never really paid that much mind to opal, but I really love these two pieces and I love the unique look of the opal. Especially the beautiful color of the first!

I adore pearls. This ring has a pearl, therefore, it is perfect. That is all.

I’ve always like the idea of having an engagement ring that was something other than diamond, but if I were to have a diamond engagement ring, I would want something like one of these. Just sayin’.

It would be a hard choice, but I’m pretty sure if I could have any ring in this post, it would most likely be this one. I’ve never seen anything like it before. But it would be a really hard choice.

Hopefully, I’ll find something before too long. But in the mean time I’ll probably just keep pinning rings.

If only pinning things magically made them appear in your closet…

Well Wishes,

Click on an image to go to it’s Pinterest page with all of the good stuff!


4 Replies to “Put a Ring On It”

  1. Alley honey, you do realize what sort of comment I would dearly love to make on this post right? Cause if I was feeling really really ornery I would totally do it.

    You know I would.

    But you are getting enough…ahem…”comments” from certain other people so I will refrain.

    This time. =D


    p.s. feel free to delete this comment if you can’t stand it!!!

    1. ROFL! No need to delete, you’re just too cute.

      And yes, I realize that posting this would get certain comments, at the very least the desire to make certain comments. I just couldn’t help myself…

      LOVE YOU TOO! 🙂

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