Favorite Song of the Week

Friday the 13th people!

Before I lock myself in a closet with a machete I thought I would share My Favorite Song of the Week.

Basically, it’s any song that I’ve fallen in love with over the past few days. But I bet y’all already guessed that cause y’all are smart.

Or you know, if you didn’t guess that, you’re in the know now.

Or you can’t read. In which case, this post isn’t getting anywhere. I apologize.

My Favorite Song of the Week:

So I listen to a lot of music throughout the week and oftentimes a song will completely capture my attention. I will listen to it over and over again without getting tired of hearing it. I do this with headphones though, cause I’m considerate. And a little selfish.

Okay, so I do it for completely selfish reasons.

This weeks Song on Repeat is “Two Way Street” from Kimbra. I’m especially in love with this live version:

How about some runner ups though? Cause I am not a monogamous listener. In fact I am an equal opportunity, free lovin’ music listener.

So there we go, what I’ll be listening to as I hide in the closet. No worries, I’ll be wearing headphones. Cause I don’t want the monsters to find me.

And I’m selfish.

Well Wishes,


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