The Wardrobe

On Pinterest I have a board that entitled “The Wardrobe” and it is filled with things that I wish I owned and/or could wear.

Some of its practical, for instance you will see some really pretty maxi dresses and skirts.

Some of it, however, is more on the “I don’t have a single place to wear this too but I love it anyway” side. Like this beautiful vintage tea gown.

I haven’t been having too many adventures as of late, so I thought I would share some of a few things from my Pinterest board for a change. So, here goes nothing!

I adore this outfit and you can’t even see that much of it! The blouse looks airy and cool and has an heirloom feel to it that I love. I also adore the high waist band and pleating on the skirt.

 I really do love this outfit formula! In my opinion this is really chic and you’ll find several blazer/cardigan + blouse + skirt pins on my board. Anybody who knows me knows that I will throw a cardigan over the top of anything! So this is definitely something that you would see me wearing.

This blouse makes me happy, happy, happy! If I had to pick just one item off of my board to have for myself it would be this blouse. Everything from the sleeves to the details on the collar are perfect. This would look great with denim for a more casual look or with a cute pencil skirt for something slightly more dressy!


I had to include at least one dress! I love a good dress and this one has a vintage feel to it that I love. The lines in the dress reminds me of the 40’s and I think the sleeves are very interesting. Also, you can tell that this dress probably drapes beautifully! With the right accessories you would wear this for a special occasion or on a fun date!

So there we go, some stuff from my Pinterest! It was kinda fun, so maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

Now off to perhaps have a real adventure.

Well Wishes,

P.S. When I originally posted this it went all wonky and I lost most of my text. Not to mention that the pictures decided to move around. So in an effort to simplify I removed the source info from the picture captions and instead made each picture a link to it’s original pin with all of the repin and source info. Hopefully it works!


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