Well, I thought I would take a few minutes from working on the Large Project of Doom and Secretness(TM) to share some pictures I took the other day.

I was helping set up Iced Tea for a church function and as I was setting out the lemons and oranges I was struck by how pretty the light was hitting them. I just so happened to have my camera with me so I grabbed it and took some shots.

I took these in my manual mode. I’m really starting to get a feel for making adjustments as I take photos. For these, I wanted the natural light to really play off of the lemons and oranges so I kept the exposure as close as I could to what I was seeing.

This one came out a little darker, but I still loved the shot.

One thing I’ve learned about photography is to go with my gut. When my gut says there’s a photo, I trust it because it hasn’t proven me wrong yet. For the most part.

Okay, back to the Knitting(TM).

Well Wishes,




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