Cheiftain of Cute

That is my title. I picked it, cool huh?

Now, as you all are probably aware, I hang out in a little group called Nerd Wars. Nerd Wars is the place where nerdy fiber artists get together to get nerdy about their nerdery. We participate in tournaments in which we craft away to make things for monthly challenges so see which team will reign supreme at the end of the tournament. It’s all great fun and the people are awesome.

Some of these awesome people started talks of The Easter Games (Also known as Cute Critter Wars). Pretty much, it’s the Hunger Games, but with cute knitted/crocheted critters. Yeah, you read me right, cute knitted/crocheted critters.

The cute could not be resisted, so I joined the battles. I’m looking forward to my little critter army. Before the official kick off I made this little test subject.

It’s a Hampsterbean! I feel in love with these little critters when my fellow CD Shedubba turned one in last month for our scraps challenge. So cute. So, here we are, me and a few others are having a battle within a battle. To see which cute little critter will reign supreme. It’s going to be awesome.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

I’ve always wanted to say that!

Chieftain of Cute


2 Replies to “Cheiftain of Cute”

  1. Hunger Games fever has swept my campus here. We are right next to Colonial Williamsburg, so there are reports that, every time a cannon goes off, someone yells “ANOTHER TRIBUTE HAS FALLEN!”

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