Straws Make Everything Special

Or at least I think they do.

There’s nothing that will jazz up a homemade glass of iced coffee more than a red and white striped plastic straw.

See! Doesn’t that look really good? Like it’s more than just a cup of iced coffee?

I love making my own iced coffee, mostly because I can control the strength. In my household we make our own cold brew coffee. It’s really easy to make and highly addictive. I’ll have to show y’all how we make it — so good.

It’s especially perfect considering the 70-80F weather we have this Spring, if you want to call it Spring. Although, the flowers are really pretty. Right now it’s Tulips, but the Peonies and Lilies are starting to really take off and we’ll have those all a’bloom before you know it. Here’s a picture I took of the daffodils while they were in bloom.

I’m actually really proud of this photo because I didn’t edit it at all (okay, other than adding a watermark, but that’s it!). Can’t wait to get out there and grab some more pictures of the Spring bulbs.

Well Wishes,



6 Replies to “Straws Make Everything Special”

  1. I would love some iced coffee advice! It’s my fav, and since the whether has started to change i’ve been dropping PLENTY of money on it. Every time I’ve tried to brew it, it doesn’t come out the way it tastes in the shop 😦

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