Shiny New Button

I like buttons and not just the type you sew to your blouse.

Remote buttons. Elevator buttons. Big red “don’t push me” buttons. Easy buttons.The list could go on and on. I think buttons are the greatest thing since sliced bread. But hey, who doesn’t? Right?

Right? I mean, I’m not showing signs of obsessive behavior. Not at all.

Anyway, I added a new button to my sidebar. Because buttons are my friends.

I’ve decided to join the Post a Week challenge. I figured this would be a good way to get me to write more often. At the same time it’s not a Post a Day, because that would be beyond impossible for me to do. I would be setting myself up for failure going that route, but I figured a post a week is a good manageable goal. I’ve been doing really well lately anyway so this is just incentive to continue.

So, how do you join? It’s pretty easy actually. You can read more about it at The Daily Post website, but there are two steps involved in joining the challenge.

  1. Get a badge to go on your blog.
  2. Tag your posts with “postaday”.

That’s it. Really!

I highly recommend that you follow The Daily Post blog at the very least (it’s what I linked to above). There is a weekly photo challenge and lots of articles and posts about writing a blog. I’ve been studying the posts about grammar, that’s an area that I could really use some improvement in.

I certainly don’t expect anyone to join this challenge because of me, but I couldn’t keep myself from sharing. Who knows, maybe mentioning this motivates somebody else.

So here’s to the Post a Week 2012 challenge, let the fun begin!

Well Wishes,



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