Holding an Object

Random.org strikes again! Will this be my new Sunday tradition? I’m not sure about that and I would rather not jinx it by setting this thing up for Sundays. Non-committal is my motto.

Well, it’s my current motto. Let’s see where I’m at next week.

So, I plugged in my information into the random number generator and I got lucky number 7. According to Project 24, 7 is “Holding an Object”.

“Okay”, I thought, “I take pictures holding things all of the time!”.

Then it dawned on me, I take pictures holding things all of the dang time. This kinda screwed with my creative process (if you want to call it that) so I grabbed something and went with it. Plain and simple, something I have in abundance — yeah that’s right, sewing thread.

I wasn’t uber thrilled to begin with, but after awhile I just went with it and after awhile I started to feel it. I was feeling cool and easy and my head started bobbing — I was grooving.

Okay, so maybe the fact that I’m jamming to Clapton has something to do with that.

Anyway, there you go. My definitely-not-going-to-commit-to-every-Sunday, Sunday Photograph.

And remember with Valentines Day coming up, if you wanna hang out you’ve got to take her out…

I crack myself up sometimes.


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