Shades of White

While perusing Pinterest a few weeks ago I came across Project 24 by the Florabella Collection. I liked the idea of a no-limits do with it as you like set up, so, I saved the link and have been sitting on it ever since.

Today, I was feeling bored. It’s Sunday afternoon and while I enjoy my Sundays, sometimes the afternoons can drag along. So, I decided I would bring out the Project 24 themes and give it a go. Now, I didn’t know which one to pick, I didn’t really want to go in order and I’m not the type to play fair when eeny meeny miney moo is being played. So, I did the next best thing, I used the Random Number Generator from It said 5, so 5 I did. “Shades of White”.

I grabbed things from my room, but I soon found myself with that little pearl again. It’s funny how a little object like a pearl from some old broken costume jewelry can so thoroughly and completely hold my attention for so long. There’s just something about it….

Anyway, here’s what I came up with.

Well Wishes,



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