Little Things

I love taking pictures of little things.

The only problem with this is that my macro on my camera prevents me taking pictures in the detail I would like. I’ve never let this stop me before though.

Sometimes it takes awhile. I have to play with how my to angle my camera, how far it is from my subject and focus etc. It can be annoying, but it’s my favorite.

I also love vintage buttons. I have this jar that I keep filled with old buttons. Some are really unique looking. Maybe someday I’ll get them out and take pictures of the neatest looking ones.

The other day I was quite obsessed with this stray pearl that came from a broken necklace.It was hard! Silly little thing is little. But I wouldn’t give up, I was determined to get it just right!

In other news, I am working through my WIP’s like a knitting fiend. I’m not sure what’s come over me but I have a desire to FINISH ALL THE THINGS! Nerd Wars and Starfleet have started up again too, so now I have all sorts of ideas for new projects. Hurray!

Well Wishes,


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