Glimpse of a Starry Night

I’ve been making a new doily. I am utterly and completely addicted to the craft, it cannot be helped. In fact, I don’t really want help.

It’s my needles and I’ll knit with them what I want!!


I’m working on the pattern “Starry Night” (Also called “Erika” and “Lace Doily”, it’s been published multiple times), which I’m knitting on size 2 (mismatched, because I can’t find four of the same color) and with some old crochet thread I found laying about. The thread is more ivory in tone and has a few stains in it, making it pretty undesirable for most projects. However, it gives an antiqued, almost heirloom, look to my little doily, which I’m loving.

I’m just a few rounds from finishing, but then you have to block it and I can’t wait that long to share. So, here’s a glimpse:

Well Wishes,



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