Bottles & Cans

I was feeling bored yesterday, so I took some pictures because I could. And really, isn’t that the best reason for taking pictures?

Okay, and capturing memories. And showing off knitting. And posting embarrassing photographs of yourself on Facebook…


I was inspired by bottles and cans this week. I love the “heritage” Dr. Pepper can, it is so very vintage looking. I want a vintage Dr. Pepper sign for my home someday.

It’s pretty tasty, if you ever get a chance to try some. There aren’t many places where you can find the original Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar.

I moved on to the bottles that live on the window pane. My sister and I have gotten into the habit of keeping our glass pop bottles. It’s turning into quite a collection, and I’m pretty sure if we keep it up they will find places on the shelves to invade.

I love the Route 66 pop bottle. The pop itself was actually good, especially considering that most people probably buy it for the bottle.

That really tall bottle there in the back is Pink Grapefruit Italian Soda from Whole Foods. I personally don’t care for grapefruit, but my sister said she liked it. The bottle closest? One of several Sangria bottles we have, the Sangria pop is one of my favorites and very cheap for pop in a glass bottle.

Have you ever tried Apple Soda? It’s one of my personal favorites, though I do prefer the Mundel brand. The bottle closest in this picture? Why it’s from my Faygo Red Pop!

Overall, our little collection has taken off quite nicely I think. I might start collecting National Geographic Magazines. Maybe.

Well Wishes,



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