My cowl pattern just went live! I’m extremely excited, I haven’t added anything to Ravelry in almost a whole year.

I decided to publish my cowl pattern first, which I have named “Conjunction” because the rounds of reverse stockinette are connected by rounds of dropped stitches which totally made me think of conjunctions.

I’m an English major, what can I say?

It took me quite awhile to get any decent pictures. The lighting is odd this time of year so I found myself having to go back and retake photos after seeing them on the computer. These are a little darker than I like, but it’s better than the overly bright ones I kept getting yesterday!

I also need to work on my watermark, probably should find one of those actions at applies it for it, so it will be more uniform. *sigh*

Anyway, there we go! My latest idea come to fruition. It’s quite a lot of fun, and I’m going to work some other versions of it in different weights for fun.

Here’s the pattern if you want to take a look. Conjunction.

Well Wishes,


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