New Look

I decided to freshen things up around here.

I was getting tired of the same look at I’ve been eye-balling some awesome vintage stuff lately, so I took the plunge! Right now, I’m totally in love with the header. However, I’m still trying to decide what I think about the background. I love the silhouette, but I’m not sure about the color. I always worry that when I go with bold bright colors I’ll get tired of them more quickly. I’m going to leave it as is a few days and see how I feel about it later. But it needs something, of that much I’m sure.

If you had asked me just a couple of days ago if I was going to change up my blog I probably would have said no, or not for a while. However, that changed when today I was surfing Pinterest and I saw where a friend re-pinned a blog post for these really awesome fonts. Light bulbs went off and well, you’re looking at the results right now!

About a week ago it finally struck me what the big deal about Pinterest is all about. I signed up for it a few month ago, looked at it, then moved on. I didn’t really understand what it was all about. About a week or so ago I pulled it back up and started looked deeper and pretty soon I was pinning with wild abandon. Well, as close to wild abandon I will get to, I am a little more reserved then some people. So, if you hit the little P there on the sidebar it will take you to my Pinterest which now has lots of things pinned to it (read: lots for me, I’m just starting out, okay?).

I finished my cowl (the one I mentioned before, I was running out of yarn), with just 12″ to spare. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m good.

*does nonsensical victory dance*

Anyway. I’ll have pictures later. I actually have to weave in ends and then, um, take pictures.

Well Wishes,


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