The Spoils

Seems a horrible title for the pretties I’m about to show you. But for some reason all I could think of was the “spoils of war”, which is silly since I didn’t win these through battle. Though my budget might have complained. But hey, I needed something to remind me of my time in Sedona and what’s better then yarn, right?

Yes, this is about the yarn I keep making allusions to. I found it at the wonderful yarn shop in Sedona, AZ, Sedona Knit Wits.

Pictures courtesy of my sister, Emily Hogue.

I knew I had found something good when I saw the window with yarn in it, the porch with beautiful garments on display and the awesome tree out front with it’s many yarn bombs. It’s a very charming shop and the selection of locally dyed yarns is to die for.

I knew going in that I wanted local yarn, I had looked them up on Ravelry before going and I noticed the beautiful local yarn people had stashed from Knit Wits. What I didn’t expect was the selection. There was lots of varieties, weights, fibers, all locally dyed. It was extremely hard to choose just one yarn, let alone a colorway. In the end I selected two skeins of Conjoined Creations of Pastimes.

Lovely lace weight yarn, 100% Soysilk. It is absolutely divine. I picked a variegated and a solid. The solid is called “Chocolate” and is really very, very yummy.

But my favorite is the variegated I purchased called “Dry Creek”. I swooned when I saw it and no matter what other yarns I looked at I kept coming back to this one.

It’s a mix of blues and greens. I love it dearly.

I’ve been debating on what patterns I want to use. But I am thrilled to have some more lace yarn, I’ve been going through withdraws.

So, if you’re in the Sedona area, stop in at this shop and take a look at what they have to offer.

Well Wishes,


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