On The Needles

“On the needles”. Sounds like a knitting post, doesn’t it? And it is, of course. It does sound very cliche though, almost painfully so. However, it doesn’t sounds quite as odd as “string wrapped around two pointy sticks”.

Actually I like “string wrapped around two pointy sticks”.


So you might ask, what’s new this year? Lots of things actually. Most exciting for me is that I think I’ve got my designing mojo back and I’ve been working on a couple new patterns. One of which is the new and improved version of Lillie’s Modern Reticule, which I posted about a couple weeks ago. See!

I’m not quite happy with the Rosette though. I’m a tight crocheter, not to mentioned my crocheting skills are basic at best. I’m pretty sure someone who crochets at a looser gauge would soon find this rosette growing to a very large size. I’m rethinking it, but I’m happy with where the overall design is going. (Yes, the year on these photos are 2011, I took and edited these last year. hah.)

I’m also working on a cowl not much unlike a gold one I shared a while ago. This one though, is larger and more substantial and I’m liking it better. However, I’ve been stuck at the bind off for a while now while I ponder things.

You see, I’m running out if yarn at a fast rate and I’m worried I’ll run out  before I can finish the bind off. I’m using some yarn I re-purposed from a long ago shrug that no longer fits me. Which means the dye-lot is ages old and I don’t need enough yarn to justify a new skein anyway. While I know I have more of the yarn somewhere, I’m not sure where. I’ll figure something out, but it’s obvious I’m going to have to start another cowl with new, fresh yarn if I want a better idea of yardage. I’m sure however, that two skeins of Wool-ease Thick N Quick will do. I think. I may get three for good measure.

I’ve actually been on a Wool-ease kick lately. The little purse above was knit out of the Chunky and Worsted weight varieties of Wool-ease. I think right now, it’s just an affordable choice for me and has the added benefit of being super wash wool and acrylic, which means I don’t have to worry about felting. Though Wool-ease does have a habit of piling, which I don’t like but happens with many yarns and fibers anyway.

I did splurge on some lace yarn while I was in Sedona and I am making plans for it. I’ll share in a later post, I think the yarn and the shop where I found it deserves it’s own post.

I’m off to work on my cowl now. And maybe try a new adornment for my little bag.

Well Wishes,


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