I Actually Made Something This Week!

And finished it! Not only that, but I made four somethings! I have had a good knitting week, so I thought I would show off some of what I’ve finished!

First up, eye balls!

That’s right, you heard and saw me right, eyeballs! But don’t let the simplicity fool you, these were a bit tricky. Not only did I knit them on size 2s, but they are knit from embroidery floss, which is very fiddly to work with, let me tell you!

Next on my list, is Sally!

I love my little owl. She was lots of fun to make, I just wish I had gotten her beak a little more… perfect. My sister/roommate named her, I liked it, so Sally it is!

And lastly;

This is something I concocted on my own. It’s not perfect, but I think with a couple of tweaks I might actually write this one up as a pattern. I like the concept it just needs a little something, something…

So there is my week in knitting! And this doesn’t count the couple of things I’m still working on. My knitting mojo is going strong, ha.

Well Wishes,


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